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Demand, Supply and Fairness?

Off late I have become aware of gaps in capitalism, in catering to the poorest sections of our society. On the way back from office the other day, I was struck by a thought.

In the Indian construction sector, the business owners make truckloads of money and live a luxurious life, while the construction workers who actually work on the buildings, sometimes risking their lives in the process, make only a small stipulated daily wage. Many of them probably can’t even afford to send their kids to school or take care of their family’s medical needs.

The reasoning for this disparity is quite clear if you look at it from a capitalist point of view of the demand and supply for property versus the demand and supply for low skilled constructions labourers. But despite being able to explain it, I can’t help but feel disturbed by the sheer extent of this disparity.

Doesn’t it feel unfair?

2 thoughts on “Demand, Supply and Fairness?”

  1. Nutan
     ·  Reply

    Hi Long time !!many things in it probably capitalism and humanity do not go with each other Exactly the worker just takes the salary. the builder has the risk of selling itthe worker uses physical work and physical is always less rewarding than mental work as you said Demand is another factor

  2. Ishan Bhalla
     ·  Reply

    Hi man! Yeah long time. Right the risk angle is there, but I wonder how they feel in their luxury cars and luxury villas while their workers live and die in slums.

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