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How good UX Design can reduce your Carbon Footprint

I am constantly in search for ways to articulate the value that design and more specifically UX design adds to an organisation. While discussing this with a product manager of a banking product, he explained this to me. This banking product is deployed in banks across the world with millions of transactions taking place through it daily. Consider one transaction which is repeated about 200,000 times every day. Now this transaction requires the teller to fill out a form. The average field filling time in this industry is 30s to 1 min. Considering even 30s… that means every field we reduce on a form improves productivity by 100,000 minutes and thus reduces energy usage. Every field we fail to reduce costs 100,000 more minutes of energy consumption. That’s a big responsiblitly!
It was an interesting perspective and one I’d never thought about.

2 thoughts on “How good UX Design can reduce your Carbon Footprint”

  1. S
     ·  Reply

    Green Sells! Communicating the business value of sustainability through User Interface is something we must do. Strategizing a process for this is the way to go. Good Read.

  2. Ganesh
     ·  Reply

    Particularly the main reason why companies started to invest heavily in usability in the first place. Started off with company intranets, and then onto the actual services they provide.

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