Bird’s Eye View

Artboard Copy 6For a healthy democracy, it is important for us, as a society, to be able to have meaningful conversations around divisive topics. And for these meaningful conversations, we need to listen to and understand different points of view, even those that we don’t agree with. Today though, in an attempt to show us relevant content, many websites are showing us more and more content from people who share our point of view on the world and less from those who we might disagree with. Eli Pariser called this the formation of filter bubbles.

We believe that for informed discourse around important topics, there needs to exist a place where users can see all the different points of view on a topic. It was this belief that led us to create BirdsEyeView.
BirdsEyeView is a powerful new way to understand and explore the debate around divisive topics.Conceptualized to be built on top of twitter, it aggregates all the tweets around a topic, segregates them into the different points of view they represent and presents the user with a visual overview of the opinion landscape around a topic.

Each circle in the landscape represents a tweet. The bigger circles represents tweets that have been retweeted 5 or more times. This view allows the user to understand and identify the main points and popular opinions in each opinion cluster.


The user can visually explore the opinion landscape by clicking on different tweets in each cluster. Clicking on a tweet reveals the content of the tweet, the user who shared it and any linked content like images, videos, articles, blog posts etc.


It also shows a user how the public opinion around a topic has evolved over time.

We believe that BirdsEyeView can encourage users to look at different points of view on a topic and help them form more informed opinions on divisive topics.