Chicago Murals Engine

Artboard Copy 7The Spring 2013 service design workshop needed us to create a service using the City’s public data. This class was different from a typical ID class in that it was conducted in start up mode. Say you already have an idea for a service. How do you take that and create a viable service out of it?

Our service idea: Inspire city teens towards art by creating mural projects in partnership with mural artists and property owners.


The students would get a chance to learn from well known artists, be engaged in a positive activity in their after school hours which could keep them away from gang activities and they would also earn the community service hours that they require to graduate from high school. Property owners (initially local businesses) would have reduced graffiti incidents, get publicity on various blogs and communities that feature murals and would also build a stronger connection with the local community. Mural artists would get an easier way to find customers for their work.

Our next step was to test out the value proposition of this service with students and property owners since artists liked the idea and were happy to be a part of it.