Design for the Smart Home

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The Infosys Research group had developed a power strip technology that could be deployed without any wiring changes in the home and would allow users to control their appliances over a network. The technology was fresh out of the lab and had been developed with a technology centric view.

The team originally came to us to design a control interface. We took a step back, conducted ethnographic interviews and mind mapping exercises with potential users to try and understand how this technology could fit in the home environment.

Based on our research insights around home energy usage, we identified two primary uses of the technology in the home – remote control of electrical appliances and monitoring of energy consumption. Within these broad areas, we identified different scenarios for use based on occupancy, appliance usage patterns, scheduling etc.

Taking a systemic view, we created an intuitive set-up and usage web interface. We further recommended and designed a Smartphone app for control and monitoring of electrical appliances in the home.

The project was featured in MIT’s Technology Review India magazine where many of the user- centered innovations we had recommended won appreciation. It was also featured in various national and international business publications and won the Infosys Excellence Award for Innovation and Thought Leadership.

NOTE: Only some of the project details can be shared in the public domain but I will be happy to have a conversation about the process we followed to research and design this product.





Click here for a PDF document with some sample wireframes from this project.