Raasta: Creating a Child Driven English Learning System

Raasta is an in-progress project, which aims to create a child driven English learning system for children at the base of the economic pyramid in India. The motivation for this project is to enable these children to access educational and other content available on the internet primarily in English.

The project is currently in progress. The video below reports on the progress made on this project till December 2012.

Remote Primary Research

The primary research was conducted at a shelter in Mysore, India. It was done by volunteers using a research protocol based on the POEMS (People, Objects, Environments, Messages and Services) framework. See the research protocol here.


Secondary Research

To give ourselves a strong foundation for our project, we studied previous work in 3 areas related to our objective:
1. Child driven learning
2. Language teaching methodologies and
3. Base of Pyramid education efforts



Prototype 1: Story Interpretation and Creation


Prototype 2: 20 Questions


Prototype 3: iPads and Google


Going Forward

Building on what we have learnt from our research and prototypes so far, we are working on designing and prototyping a system of activities, objects and tools that can work together to immerse the children in English and produce measurable learning.

Project Website

More details on the work done on this project can be found on our project website: http://raasta.build-it-box.com/ (Password: raasta)