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Questions of a commuter at a Bus Stand

What are the questions that a commuter has at a intra city bus stand? How can we answer these questions through an information system?

This post documents the results from our brainstorming session on the first question after our research at the BMTC bus stand. We made a list of all the questions we were familiar with in this situation. These are not results from user observation yet.

How do I get to JP Nagar? – The commuter has a destination in mind but doesn’t know the bus number or the platform.

From where can I get bus no 356N? – The commuter has a bus number in mind, and also presumably the destination but doesn’t know the platform number.

Where is platform number 21? – The commuter knows the platform, presumably knows the destination, may or may not know the bus number. He wants to now reach the platform but doesn’t know where it is.

Does this bus go to Forum? – The commuter checks with someone on the bus/bus stop if this bus will take him to where he wants to go. 2 cases that I can think of when this can happen are, one the user is at the platform that’ll take him to his destination but is not sure of the busses that’ll take him there, two, he is trying his luck with a bus in front of him.

Can I get a Volvo for this route? – This is one question I ask a lot. The Volvo busses in Bangalore are brilliant! I try to get one as much as possible.

What is the frequency of bus no 392? This is a question I used to hear a lot back in Bombay, don’t remember hearing it in Bangalore. Any ideas or interesting explanations as to why?

When will the next 392 come? Tough to answer but yeah, I remember asking this at Bombay. Whether a commuter asks this question or not, it will be one he thinks about.


Some others not exactly related to the task of taking a bus:

Where can I get a bus pass from?

Where is the toilet? J 


What else are we missing? Again, the context here is of a commuter at an intra city (not intercity) bus stand.


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