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PowerPoint Illustrations #4: More Home Appliances


Link to PowerPoint source file: http://db.tt/QDUoDXns

Hello everyone! A very happy 2012 to all. After a rather long hiatus owing to finals week, my Dad’s trip to the US and then my super awesome NYC trip, here is the second in the series of appliance illustrations. I have used these simple line drawings to convey ideas in various projects over time. Today we have the coffee machine and the washing machine. And there are still a few more to come.

PowerPoint Illustrations #3: Home Appliances


Link to PowerPoint source file: http://db.tt/g78IV3PH

This is the first in a series of appliance illustrations I have created for various projects over time. Today we have the microwave and the split air-conditioner. There is more to come.

If any of you have done similar work which is open source, please share links in the comments. Thanks in advance.

PowerPoint Illustrations #2: Fire Safety Instructions


Link to PowerPoint source file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23114815/fire-safety-instructions.pptx

This illustration came about as part of a personal project creating visual fire safety instructions.

All the elements are created using native PowerPoint shapes except the clouds. I’m not very sure where I got those so use those at your own risk.Everything else is free for use.

PS: The crawling man was featured in an earlier post.

PowerPoint Illustrations #1: People and Hierarchy

It is well known that visually conveying ideas is extremely powerful. As a designer, it is almost mandatory.

Given my non existent sketching capabilities, I have found a survival tool in PowerPoint. I have been using simple PowerPoint drawings to quickly convey ideas and I find this very efficient and quite powerful too. 

 I am starting a series of posts sharing these simple illustrations and their source files with two objectives:
. to opensource these illustrations 
2. to act as small tutorials for the illustration technique itself.
Feel free to use them in anyway you see fit. No source acknowledgement required.

Today’s Illustration: People and hierarchy


Link to PowerPoint source file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23114815/hierarchy.pptx

This illustration came about for a drawing in which I needed to express organizational hierarchy. 

One of the subtle techniques to note is that to show a young person, the size of head to size of body ratio is increased. This technique was taught to me by a colleague and it is actually based on observations of human anatomy.

You can also see the use of this technique in the Southpark characters.